September Australian Silver Coins Feature Koala, Snake and Cockatoo

Five new coin products from The Perth Mint of Australia are making their way into coin collectors’ portfolios. Two are new editions to 2012-dated coins while remaining items are early launches of 2013 strikes. All are 99.9% pure silver with limited mintages.

September Australian Silver Coins Featuring Koala, Snake and Cockatoo

The Perth Mint released several Australian silver coins in September 2012. The above coins depict a koala, snake and red-tailed black-cockatoo.

On the reverse of one offering is the familiar koala but the others depict designs that only debuted recently. More than half of those new issues celebrate the Chinese New Year, or "Year of the Snake," while the last item showcases a cockatoo in a brand new series called Birds of Australia.

The one ounce 2012 Koala High Relief Silver Coin is the first high relief strike in the silver koala series. In order to accomplish this stunning feat, a few changes to the coin blank were made. First, the diameter shrunk from 40.60 mm on the regular one ounce proof down to 32.60 for the high relief. That changed the maximum thickness from 4 mm to 6 mm on the new strike.

Per the Mint, "For outstanding impact, the coin is made with an extra deep blank to accommodate its superbly detailed high relief design."

Year of the Snake coins show off the sixth character in the Chinese zodiac’s 12 year cycle. These coins make the perfect gift for people born during the Year of the Snake, which includes 2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, 1941, 1929, 1917, and 1905.

Individuals who enjoy bird watching or collecting bird-related items may take pleasure in searching for the Red-Tailed Black-Cockatoo Silver Proof Coin. This beloved feathered creature featured on the coin’s reverse is a noisy black parrot that can be found in various locations throughout Australia, typically in the morning or just before dusk. The bright red bands across the tail of every male are the apparent signature of the species.

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More details about the new silver coins from the Perth Mint and their limited mintages are broken out in the below sections.

2012 Australian Koala High Relief Silver Coin

Australian Koala High Relief Silver Coin

2012 Australian Koala High Relief Silver Coin

The 2012 Australian Koala High Relief Silver Coin is one troy ounce of .999 fine silver with spectacular concave surfaces on both sides to accentuate the extra detail of the strike. Technology made it possible to create a coin with designs that are raised higher than that on a standard proof coin. Previous coins struck in high relief were the silver kangaroo, the gold koala and the silver kookaburra, to name a few.

Each year the Perth Mint selects a new portrayal of Australia’s favorite tree-loving marsupial. For 2012, the furry and adorable koala is shown with its eyes closed as it sleeps on a branch of a eucalyptus tree. It was designed by Aleysha Howarth.

The high relief silver koala coin features a maximum mintage of 10,000 worldwide, but customers from the U.S. will not be able to purchase directly from the Perth Mint. Instead, the New York Mint has been set up to accept orders at

2013 Year of the Snake Silver Proof Coins

Year of the Snake Silver Proof Coin

Australian 2013 Year of the Snake Silver Proof Coin

Four products make up the 2013 Year of the Snake Silver Proof Coins offerings. The commemoratives are available in the one ounce silver proof coin, the one kilo silver proof coin, the 1/2 ounce silver proof coin and the Three-Coin Set that has the two ounce coin, one ounce coin, and 1/2 ounce coin.

Broken out, the maximum mintages are 5,000 for the popular one ounce size and 500 for the larger one kilo size. Up to 8,000 of the small 1/2 ounce size and only 1,000 Three-Coin Sets will be released.

A carefully crafted snake drawn curled around a tree branch adorns the reverse of these coins. Included in the artwork are the inscription, "Year of the Snake," and the Chinese character for snake, plus the Perth Mint’s "P" mintmark.

2013 Red-Tailed Black-Cockatoo Silver Proof Coin

Red-Tailed Black-Cockatoo Silver Proof Coin

2013 Red-Tailed Black-Cockatoo Silver Proof Coin

The first release in the new Birds of Australia series is the 2013 Red-Tailed Black-Cockatoo Silver Proof Coin. The Perth Mint shows a colorized, perched Red-Tailed Black-Cockatoo against a silver background of vegetation, by designer Natasha Muhl.

The coin is made from 1/2 ounce .999 fine silver in proof quality. Its diameter is 36.60 mm with a maximum thickness of 2.30 mm. The face value, seen on the obverse, is 50 cents.

With no more than 10,000 strikes, these limited edition Birds of Australia coins are expected to capture attention from bird lovers as well as coin collectors.

When the series expands, it will feature the Budgerigar, Regent Bowerbird, Rainbow Lorikeet and Splendid Fairy-wren.

Each product listed above will be shipped in presentation cases that include numbered Certificates of Authenticity for collectors, and the coins are Australian legal tender under the Australian Currency Act 1965. Obverses on each depict the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.


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