Australian Koala Gilded Silver Coins

The Australian Koala Gilded Silver Coins expand on the Perth Mint of Australia’s extremely popular Koala Bullion Coin series by offering a widely accepted numismatic version of the series. The gilded koalas contain the same basic imagery as found on those bullion pieces, however, the features of the koala on the reverse are gilded in 24-karat gold.

Australian Koala Gilded Silver Coin (Perth Mint images)

Australian Koala Gilded Silver Coin

In most other respects, the Koala Gilded Silver Coins are like their bullion counterparts including being struck from 99.9% pure silver. The gilded coins also see annually changing reverse designs as they feature the same new designs showcased on the bullion coins each year.

Koala Gilded Silver Coin Information

The Koala Gilded Silver Coins made their inaugural year appearance in 2008. This was one year after the Perth first introduced the Koala bullion series.

Since that debut, the Perth has issued the gilded coins annually. Each new year features a new reverse design, as previously mentioned. This heightens the desirability for the strike among collectors who look to add each new release to their collection.

Unlike the bullion series, the Perth only issues the Gilded Koala in one size – one ounce. As is standard for one ounce silver coins from the Perth, the coin’s diameter is 40.60mm.

Each strike also has a face value of AUS $1 associated with it. That face value is backed by the government of Australia and was authorized under the Australian Currency Act of 1965.

Since each coin is struck from one ounce of silver, the Gilded Koalas also have an intrinsic melt value associated with them. That value is based on the current market price of the precious metal and widely varies. For instance, if silver is currently trading for $30 an ounce, these coins would have a melt value of about $30.

The true value of the gilded coin lies in its numismatic value, however. That is because many collectors desire the coin and are willing to pay a premium well above its face and melt value to obtain it.

The obverse of each strike contains the same Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England.


Koala Gilded Silver Coin Specifications

Face Value: AUS $1
Composition: 99.9% silver
Mintages: varies based on year
Diameter: 40.60mm
Weight 31.135g
Edge: Reeded
Mintmark: ‘P’ for Perth Mint
Obverse Design: Queen Elizabeth II of England
Obverse Designer: Ian Rank-Broadley
Reverse Design: depiction of a koala
Reverse Designer: varies based on year



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